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The Elite Six

Fourth Quarter 2012
"Welcome, to the official announcement of the fourth Roleplay Awards of 2012! I am your host and leader of the Elite Six, Champion Lance. We find ourselves here again to showcase. Each category has been carefully chosen by a team of fine roleplayers who agree with me that even invisible talent should be shown to the world (or in this case, the community).

So, without further ado, let's get on with it!"

Take a popular anime, make it a sandbox style RP with great freedom and you get an active and diverse collection of RPers that love to write posts. It makes the concept presented in the anime and makes it work brilliantly. People enjoy its idea of an RP with an open world and an MMO type concept. This RP is well thought out, constructed, managed and populated with amazingly diverse and well written characters. Its enjoyable, fun and has plenty of potential.

Best Veteran Roleplay
Pokemon Odyssey: A New Beginning

Pokemon Odyssey: A New Beginning (GM’d by Supervegeta) is a play-as-Pokemon roleplay that works. It has a great plot, great characters, and is always on the move. Under the of Supervegeta, this RP has thrived and continued to be compelling for over a year. It has a dedicated cast of characters, some who have been with it since the beginning. Others came on later, and although some may come and go, the core group continues to thrive, and it is for this reason that this RP has remained and is worthy of the Best Veteran Roleplay Award.

Most Original Roleplay

Yep, that just happened.

Best Rookie

Lilizuki was a nice surprise when she first posted in the Roleplay section. Her characters are very well developed, realistic, believable and a pleasure to interact with. When it comes to Lilizuki's roleplaying, everything is expertly written and she's a responsible player when it comes to using power. Kudos to Lilizuki and we hope to see you continue roleplaying at the amazing standard you've set and continue to improve.

Most Improved

Well, well. Isn't this a surprise? Not really, because if you've been paying attention, WolfOfEve has made quite the improvement as a Roleplayer. I enjoy the sight of progress, and he has definitely progressed. He started out here a while back, it was really hard to say what you could make of him. Now, seemingly focused more on his writing, he has made steps forward, and therefore is recognized here as the Most Improved Roleplayer.

Best Game Master

If being a Game Master is anything like going to war then TornZero is the grizzled, cynical veteran remembered for yelling at a new recruit to 'stop chewing on that freaking grenade!!!' This being said, the skill of never becoming apathetic towards new recruits attempting to devour their own live explosives is invaluable in keeping roleplays and their content to high quality standards. For the faults he does have, like any human being, he has managed to compensate for them and this makes him completely worthy of recognition here.

Best Sign-Up Writer
Claire* and Fuyu

One is an older member who's been as consistent as they come in creating great SUs. The other is a newcomer that just happens to be just as good. In the end, the Elite Six was unable to come to a compromise to we decided to give the award to both of them. Both of which are very deserving, and create great characters!

Most Helpful

He puts a lot of his effort into helping the other players with pretty much anything, even if it means he has to direct them to someone he thinks would help them better than he could. If one was ever in need of proofreading or getting an opinion, it has been documented that he was never shy to pass along his help, if he could. The effort he expends in helping others is second to none, and this is why he deserved to win the Most Helpful Roleplayer.

Best Roleplayer

Claire is exceptional. She appeared out of seemingly nowhere and was good right off the bat. She breaths life into any Roleplay with her characters, who are often quite different, but all equally amazing. The pleasure of having Claire* around is that we are witnessing a truly great writer share her talents with us, making for quite a bit of enjoyment to those who've had the pleasure to RP with her. She has posted at a consistent and qualitative rate in any RP she is in. Her characters are great to interact with, and always creates entertaining posts. No matter what way you look at it, she is a top-notch Roleplayer, deserving of this quarter's Best Roleplayer Award.

And that's it! Thank you all for your patience, we'll see you in the next RPAs!

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