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    Originally Posted by KantoSwag View Post
    Haha I used to be like that, I felt like I was attached to my pokemon as if were my partner(s). I know how you feel, it hurts right? I don't know if it's just a phase hardcore pokemon lovers like us go through but I figure it must be something REAL if you feel like that.

    For me... I'm a realist so I guess it would be just a line of code and sprites for me
    Same here. I lost my Pokéwalker that came with my game, and I was so mad I could rip a Yellow Pages in half. It had my Giratina and all of my Watts in it, so I guess I didn't really feel bad at the fact that I lost a Pokémon, but I felt bad because I had to shell out another $10 at the Nintendo Online Store. To me, Giratina and the Watts are lines of hexadecimal coding to me, but just losing the damn thing irritated me.

    I was able to get a replacement in two weeks, and had used HG/SS's "Return Pokémon" feature to return Giratina to my DS without the old one.

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