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Lucy - Mt. Coronet Peak
Lucy nodded and watched the two boys walk off, knowing full well what awaited them. She couldn't help but wonder what would happen to them. After being asked by Amethyst she let go of the smaller girl's hand, allowing her to go where she pleased and do what she needed to. Frankly, she wasn't sure where to go now. This entire mountain was food as far as she was concerned. She had no sense of where a human might want to be beyond 'Somewhere that's not like... on fire or something.' Perhaps they--


Lucy covered her mouth, having just emitted a burp that was honestly not particularly impressive. When she lowered her hand she was smiling ever so slightly... Was it clear enough that she just did not care in the slightest that she had eaten and digested a dude's life away? Because she totally didn't, not in the least. Her attention had shifted to Bay, though something appeared to be distracting her. "So... did you... tell us what you—" she started, attempting to ask Bay what he wanted. Something had caught her eye.

As she recalled, there was supposed to be a /city/ at the base of these mountains. Namely, a city that was easily recognizable to her—Eterna City. Y'know, the city she was /born/ in. Was... she doing something wrong? She distinctly remembered there being a city here and /not/ a crater filled with the ravaged remains of a city. There weren't any other cities in this particular direction!—None that were in sight anyway. Why wasn't there a city there?! Lucy's blood slowly ran cold, the expression on her face becoming frustrated. She had gone entirely silent. Her lower lip quivered a bit and she finally shut her mouth. She said nothing but it was hard /not/ to notice that she had mysteriously become upset for no apparent reason.

No reason though. Her parents and all her childhood friends had lived there. That's all.

Lucy's pokespirit was not unaware of what she was going through. It tried to placate her but this was a moot effort. It asked her if she really cared that much and she denied it, but her emotions said otherwise. There was no fooling those around her, much less the other half of her soul. It then tried to speak gibberish to Lucy and this was ironically the most effective at distracting her, mostly because it was kind of confusing in the context. What the distortion world, gulpin spirit?

It's been a long time since we crossed paths over spcae-time~
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