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    Originally Posted by Jellicent♀ View Post
    True, but his current position is as an Elite Four member. His daughter replaced him. In the era that Black 2 and White 2 are taking place, Lance is Champion of Johto/Kanto, Koga is an Elite Four member, and Janine, Koga's daughter, is Gym Leader in his stead.

    I figure they leave the Elite Four in their regions to retain some type of authority. In the anime and some of the games, Gym Leaders and Elite Four members have shown to hold some type of authority of law in the Pokemon world. Having EVERY authoritative member in one little building just to battle could be pretty damaging to one society.

    But yet, in B/W2, they still are indicating that Blue is the Champion (hence why he appears in the Champion Battle and his Champion theme is played). So how could it be speculated that this is true? Because if that's the case, Blue should have been a Gym Leader, not Champion and the same could be said for Giovanni as well, as in the G/S saga, Blue was the leader while Janine took Koga's stead
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