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    Well I was planning on setting up a battle for AFTER the ceremony, but Junie's last post caught me off guard. She didn't talk to me before she posted and that random battle just sort of happened without me expecting it to happen at this time. My plan was for me to have our characters get familiar with Eusine right now while we're all at the ceremony, and afterwards all of our characters were going to meet up with him again and get to know him on a more personal level. I wanted to get through the ceremony without any distractions so we could leave the theatre and get to what I had been setting up with Eusine, but now I guess it's too late since the fight is already going on. So for right now with the current fight, you guys can go and help with that if you like, or choose to leave the theatre for safety with the rest of the crowd. In the mean time I'll have to come up with a new course of direction for the roleplay due to the unexpected interruption. There's no need for any editing since I can just adapt my post to what's going on so it's not really a problem for me.

    For future reference, if there's something you guys want to arrange regarding your character's role in the story I ask that you just ask or say something BEFORE you put a post up! I have no problem with suggestions or requests, in fact I encourage them because I want to see all the characters have their time to develop. But the most important thing is to just stay in communication with me about things. If things are busy for you and you can't post right now, fine, but I don't want to stall the rp waiting for someone to post. The OOC thread is here if you want to ask any questions or requests, and you can PM me if you need any help. It's not hard to keep communication going on here so I'll expect more of it in the future if it's needed.

    Sorry if my tone is coming off as being harsh at all I just want to get my point across. So far I'm really happy with the posts and want to keep it up in the future. Also, I realize that I have been a bit vague sometimes concerning what is going on so I'll be improving on that. It's just that I have a lot planned and don't want to spoil any of it by giving too much away. So in the future I'll be letting you guys in on more details so there won't be any confusion.

    @Iceman - yeah you'll be able to catch more than 6 pokemon, and you'll have to rotate them out if you want to switch up your team.


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