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I'm tired, dirty, hungry and to top things up, those pesky Rattata are running around everywhere. I have no option but to climb a tree branch and try to take a nap there.
Suddenly this person walks by right under me without even notticing I'm there. How rude!

But wait... what's that he's got on his shoulder? Can't be... it's a Shaymin!

A living, breathin Shaymin!

I squint my eyes at it. Sure enough, it's real. Still, it's not inside a pokeball so, technically, it doesn't belong to him right?

Hands shaking, I reach out to my bag and pull out a pokeball to summon my most beloved companion.

"Gardevoir, come out." I whisper. "See that Shaymin over there, Darling? I want it. Could you get it for me?"

Hardly have I finished that phrase when, using his telekinetic powers, Gardevoir lifts that Shaymin right off the boy's shoulder and deposits it on my arms.

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