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    Originally Posted by Zameric View Post
    Do we pick two Kido and two Arrancar abilities, or two kido or two Arrancar abilities?
    Since we haven't had a discussion topic in a while, maybe I'll use this one.
    Since I tend to use my Soul Reaper character more, I'd probably go with two Kido techniques.
    I'm quite fond of Bakudo #63:Sajo Sabaku, but #61:Rikujokoro would probably be more effective.
    I could mix Hado #54:Haien with my shikai abilities to make a pretty devastating attack.
    What I meant was picking two Kido of each type (Binding/Bakudo and Destructive/Hado) as well as two Arrancar abilities. Personally though, Bakudo #81 Danku and #61 Rikujokoro have always been useful from what I've seen, while Hado #88 Hiryugekizokushintenraiho and #63 Raikoho would be suited to my style. As for Arrancar abailities, I would pick Cero Doble (Neliel's speciality), and Sonido.
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