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This complicated for me.
They have good and bad things.

  • Improved Graphics
  • New Pokemon
  • New Battle systems
  • Great music
  • New Pokemon
  • 3d world
  • TO good battle graphics (Ill explain later)
  • New Battle systems
  • triple battles (again, ill explain myself)
  • Short story

Now, to explain some things.
TO good battle graphics. Well, when you use Thunder, the camera goes and looks at the sky, then comes back down. It does that kind of stuff with other moves to, it just gets on my nerves and makes me dizzy.
Triple Battles: CONFUSING!!!!
3d world: Makes me dizzy, good for cinematic effect, but really annoying.
New Pokemon: Just about 200 MORE new things to get used to. WOOPTYFREAKINGGODDANGDOO!!!!!!!!!

Thats how I feel about the 5th gen.


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