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    What do you know... I actually did try this another day as I ran into the current (?) version being playable in Vizzed. It wasn't magnificent or anything but still pretty darn good, compared to most hacks you see around here.

    I like how the scripts are totally new, I don't remember seeing any sort of reference to original Emerald in the hack. The hack wasn't (at least in the beginning, I quit after first gym) too difficult although it felt like it in the beginning, Dunsparce kicks butt!

    What I think your hacking is lacking though is addictiviness. The hack may turn out more exciting as you go on but there was nothing in particular that would have wanted me to continue at that point in the game; I felt like I was going to fight some more trainers, probably run into an event with rival or similar until I have to go to face the next gym leader. So I just felt like, yeah, I'll just go doing something else instead.

    Anyway, it was good. I'd recommend this to everyone wanting to see a new "pokemon experience" (although those don't have anything to do with pokemon dying though).

    Actually, I would have probably continued if I could have speeded up the emulation to 500% or so. Pokemon itself is so "seen" already that without turbo mode, no normal hack (or even official game) can really interest that much anymore.
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