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Doneee and Dustedddd!!


Name: Auden Radke
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Country of Origin: Raelus
Auden's long and slightly unkept black hair falls down and around his face, long enough to cover his piercing brown eyes. The very same eyes that grow wide with excitement each time he finds another victim. His impressive physique is well hidden underneath the soft robes that he wears. One would never guess how nimble Auden is able to move in his robe even with all the material hanging down. When compared to others he is usually taller than most that he meets, which works wonders for the intimidation factor. The last time he could be bothered to actually record his height he was around 6 feet. Unsurprisingly Auden couldn't be bothered to care about his weight because he knew he was healthy for his age and still full of energy.

He wears a black hooded robe over his white Raelous Mage Corps uniform which is tailored to fit his body extremely comfortably. Auden prefers not having his RMC outfit shown because it reveals more about him than he is willing to let people to know, at first. The black robe has red stripe encased by two parallel gold strips above the wrists. Vertically bordering the edges of his robe is a golden stripe next to a larger blue one on each side. As for the accessories there is the necklace around the neck of his robe. It was a treasure that he found while he was out on the outskirts of Raelus and grew attached to it. On his left hand, middle finger is a present from his proud parents for all his achievements. The band is silver with his initials engraved inside of it while there is a ruby-colored jewel sitting on it

Auden is an extreme sadist. He enjoys nothing more than torturing people or watching blood rain down or gush out of people. Another pleasure of his is listening to the screams of people as he slowly drains away their life, as slowly and as painfully as he possibly can. Over the years he has learnt how to be stealthy and sneaky with his sadism so that people will not find out about it. He prefers to torture people out of the sight of other people and in soundproof rooms, (usually uses magic to soundproof the room.) To fulfill his sadistic desires when he is not on a mission in which he can find people easily to torture he has become very cunning and skilled in manipulating people. He can easily sweet talk people into believing that he is completely sympathetic with them or wants something from them so he can get them alone. When picking his targets he usually tries to kept it to criminals or people that are seen as bad, though every now and then he will pick a random person that has angered him, making him a bit of a loose cannon in how he chooses his targets outside of missions.

From an outside perspective Auden appears to be a very level headed and a rational person, not easily angered or insulted. He can seemingly get along with most people rather easily on a basic level.". This is because of the years he has practised keeping his emotions under wraps around people. This aids him when he's in conversations so he won't snap and accidentally reveal his gravest secret, his sadistic side. Though, on the inside is a different story, he has quite the hot temper. When Auden is insulted or angered he notes this in his mind, as to remember those lives he has to turn into hell.

He acts fairly cautious to hide his sadism when interacting with people such a steammates or travelling companions. Even though Auden may be cautious he tries not to come off as too cold so the others don't become suspicious of his behavior. Auden wants to keep arguments with companions to a minimum or he will end up secretly torturing people who infuriate him through conflict. This is why he only argues back the least amount possible so not to look like a push over or easy target. One might say he appears tolerant of people from outside perspectives. He taunts and tortures people who he doesn't like without their knowledge, making them feel as if they were somehow cursed. He is skilled at working in a team from his time being apart of an elite army corps for the Raelus military, having no problem with taking orders as long as he can fulfill his sadistic needs while on the mission. He has no real problem with crowds or crowded places as long as he personally doesn't have to interact with many people. Sometimes if a person annoys him or out of boredom he will do something cruel to them such as tripping them with his magic.

Auden was born to two human mages who were fairly high ranked members of the Raelous Magic Corps due to their magical prowess. After it was confirmed that he had a large magical potential like his parents he was forced into magic training run by the militarys mages at the age of 4. His parents were always aware of his potential with magic capabilities and proud of their son for being chosen for the RMC. The first 3 years of his training was focused around him learning to control his arcane magic powers and basic control over elemental magic. During the beginning stages of his training it came easily to Auden. The mastery he showed over the arcane arts further impressed his parents and those who chose him for RMC.

At the age of 8, Auden had began practising destructive magic, with one teacher, Judal Nothial, encouraging him to practise it on some insects that were flying around. While doing this the teacher saw the smile on Auden's face. His promise to be a sadist was noted and he went on to take full advantage of his student's impressionable mind . After that Judal convinced Auden's parents to allow him to take him on little excursions to help him develop his destructive magic in a more effective way. The next 8 years Auden continued to be taught magic and go on the adventures with Judal while being completely oblivious to his teacher's plans. The “trips” first began with hunting animals and getting use to their screams and blood. Eventually they moved onto hunting bigger as well as stronger animals and this time they tortured them. His teacher persuaded a weary Auden that this process was manditory in order to be a better mage. Once Auden turned 16 they began tracking down criminals on the "innocent" outings. The teenage boy over time found pleasure in torturing and killing the criminals as he did the animals. Judal told him over and over again, in order to thoroughly convince him, to do this to criminals. Criminals needed to be severely punished for their sins and only he could punish them because they law wouldn't. Auden didn't really believe this but the sensation he felt during his previous outings was so powerful and overwhelming he had to experience it again. He soon learned to ignore the various ramblings of the teacher. After two years of hunting criminals Auden “accidentally” killed his sadistic teacher on yet another "journey". This is how he got his most pleasurable outcome. He revelled in the screams as they became louder and louder from old Judal Nothial's mouth and got amusement from the faces he made while in pain. With his teacher gone there was no one in the world alive who knew of Auden's sadistic side and that's just how he wanted it. His parents and the RMC came to believe that all he was doing was bounty hunting with his teacher for training and thus the teacher was killed by a bounty. To make his story even more believeable he added in scratch marks and other small cuts where the hunter supposedly knick him with a knife.

Soon after the death of Judal, Auden was accepted into the RMC as a soldier and began participating in missions to quash rebel groups opposing the monarchy and whim of the king. After serving like this for 6 years he was promoted into a position in a secret elite military group that the king had formed to quickly destroy any parties that opposed him, as well as people who were trading people and drugs on the black market (not paying tribute to the king while doing so). The group was responsible for wiping out large groups of rebels over the two and a half years that they were active. Over the time of their activity Auden perfected the art of secretly capturing people to torture later once the mission was done. After two and a half years of activity the group was disbanded out of fear of them becoming to powerful for the king to control. All of members of this elite group went their separate ways, with many being welcomed into their old positions with a slight promotion. With the group disbanded Auden instead choose to take some time off (which was also offered to all members) to go train by himself.

The six months of his training break was spent wandering through Raelous outlying villages where crimes were more rampant then closer to the capital, following a list of criminals he had complied before taking his leave. In one village after being threatened by a brutish man at a pub he killed and tortured his first non-criminal for a long time, seemingly taking more pleasure in killing the man who had personally insulted him. This was a interesting discovery as he had now began taunting the rest of the criminals on the list so they would insult him, replicating the feeling of pleasure he had from killing the man. After clearing all the names on his list, some of which were high level and extremely dangerous criminals, Auden returned to the RMC headquarters to find a letter addressed to him. The letter was a summons to join the Knights of Ekilore, which he found odd but interesting. The letter mentioned that he was being summoned because of his outstanding level of successfully completed missions and his very high proficiency in the Arcane arts and offensive magic. After being granted permission to leave the RMC, he headed off the join up with the rest of the knights, as well as to investigate the meaning behind the letter..

Weapon Preference: The wields a sword staff (a staff with a sword hidden inside.) Though there is a sword in the staff the sword is useless, it can't cut or puncture anything, instead it is used as an amplifier in his magic and has an amplifying tome engraved along the blade. He is a magic user, very adept with offensive magic (mainly elemental types,) as well as knowing few basic defensive spells.

RP Sample:

Other: His parents and Tamor's mother knew eachother and thus, as the children were of the same age Auden and Tamor went on many play dates together while young. As the two grew older the play dates got few and far. Their last meeting was at the age of 16, in which they were both forced to go on a proper date together. That date was the last time the two saw each other.

Side: Knights of EKILORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Only cause the mercs are full :'( )

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