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    This one's pretty close for me. For design, I would say Swoobat over Beheeyem, but battling is a lot different. Swoobat has pretty good speed and a great ability Simple, and it can be pretty devastating if it can get off a Calm Mind, and possibly something like Substitute. However it's defenses are pretty frail and it has more weaknesses than a regular Psychic like Beheeyem. Swoobat's speed gives it a boost though, maybe letting it get the final hit before the opponent, and after a boost with its simple ability, it's hard to stop. Overall, Swoobat is good, but to be used well in battling, it needs to be sent in at the right time, otherwise it can be a complete waste of a Pokemon.
    And now onto Beheeyem. Beheeyem is a little more well rounded when compared to Swoobat (aside from the huge speed difference) and it has a good moveset as well. With access to moves such as Thunderbolt and Signal Beam, in addition to a great 125 Special Attack stat, Beheeyem is pretty strong. In addition, it can further increase its special attack with a nasty plot, but it should be noted that a Simple Swoobat calm mind is better. Both of these Pokemon to me are decent overall, but in the end I would choose Beheeyem over Swoobat, despite design.
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