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Hello again '__'

I haven't touched ANB in like a month, I got carried away in other games and such... I still feel like it didn't suck me in D: ! Still, though, I must get back to it. It was $40 after all!

Tomorrow I'm gonna download A Wonderful Life Special Edition from the PS store. Really, I don't think the differences are drastic enough for me to really need to buy it, but...I just kind of want it.
I also played a bit of Back to Nature some time ago, and I liked that one. I married...Mary :3

So what are you guys' favorite aspects of HM? Mine is definitely animals. I always keep lots of them and ship a lot of milk and stuff. My favorite is the horse, and I was happy about how in some of the later games you could keep more than one, esp ToT which has the different colors.