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I really don't see how people dislike the new Pokemon games. I have to admit the Generation 3,4,5 Pokemon are pretty strange but so are the Generation 1 & 2 Pokemon. The series has obviously improved greatly since Gen. 1 and is still improving, stop letting nostalgia cloud your mind... just because its old doesn't make it gold!

I think your main issue with the new generations seems to be that you have outgrown them. You say "it's too fast, confusing, and boring" but that's how games are today (besides the boring part lol). I love Generation 1 & 2 but do you want Pokemon to be a buggy mess like they were? No! I understand that the games have turned a little bit more competitive. Back in the day, Pokemon games were about playing with your favorite pokemon (no matter how crappy they are), and to "Catch Em' All". Nowadays it seems like people just care about Natures and EV train the Pokemon that can win them battles online, that is my only problem with the recent games but that is the community and not the series fault!
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