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    Habits eh?
    • Tapping A repeatedly (and unconsciously almost) while the pokeball shakes.
    • Naming my pokemon after Gundams.... (I don't even know why!)
    • On my main games, which I hoard the National dex completions, the pokemon need to be in numerical order in the boxes and the boxes named with the last pokedex number of the pokemon that's in there.
    • Catch all formes and they too have their own box. (Oh god all of the Unown..., but I did it...)
    • Unowns have their own box.
    • Event pokemon have their own box - They are excluded with empty spaces in the normal pokemon boxes.
    • Buy antidotes and such always in stack of 5.
    • I rarely buy pokeballs themselves, but Dusk and Quick Balls, always must buy 20 and 10 at a time.
    • Save always before gym leader / E4 / stationary legendary...

    These apply only when playing first time...
    • Read up on what pokemon are on the next routes. And Memorize them.
    • Read all of the dialogue.
    • Plan entire team and movesets.
    • Hoard items and use all the vitamin like things just before E4, including rare candies to get everyone to an even level.

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