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    At least with the internet, you can still order merch and watch the show
    We can order indeed, but we can NEVER download/watch anything from online stores because they are restricted to USA and Europe...

    I understand that most Arab countries are very strict and serious about their religion but I don't understand why Pokemon specifically. I mean, I'm sure they have shows and movies on their TV that involves guns, gambling and all those.
    The only Arab countries that are strict are mainly KSA and UAE, they just ban stuff completely. The guy could have better told Muslims to properly guide their children and tell them what's right & wrong (e.g. concerning gambling) but he's too strict for that.
    And yes we have a whole more crap in films and such, but we just like making a scene out of the smallest things.

    But seriously. Pokemon doesn't promote Zionism, Gambling, or satanism. It's just an easy magnet for blame.

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