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    Dear Anon,

    How dare you say anything about my work ethic? For starters, you hardly even do anything of the position that's assigned of you, and yet you criticize mine? And yet you have the audacity to boss me around, and yet you're not even anything close to my boss? Take a seat and literally calm the hell down, dude. Yeah, I said it, calm the hell down. Life doesn't revolve around you, kid, and you're going to have to learn that sooner or later.

    I don't know how I'm going to face you tomorrow(if you even show up, that is), but if you do show up, expect to do the work yourself. I personally do not care for any of your angry *****ing, and if you were using any of your brain cells(of which I can tell you didn't), you would have respect for the fact that I did not sleep that day for approximately 18 hours and didn't eat a damn thing for at least five, and not only that, it was my literal first time doing the position in which I was in.

    You're nowhere near a triple A+ employee. Don't start bossing people around and expect them to fit your standards, because you have no one working for you. You have people working with you, and unless you figure out the difference between that, you're going to have a hard time with me.

    Oh and by the way, most of the people who've already worked with you have told me that you do a pretty crappy job(i.e nothing). So the fact that you think I'm below your exemplary employee standards kind of makes me laugh. I feel sorry for you, dude.