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KEFKASPRITE seems to have calmed down for the time being. Ricardo is apparently still on his boat or something and quickly messages you back.
BV: Bonjour
BV: I am past my first gate as well
BV: No animals of any sort have appeared
BV: Well. There were some flamingo imps but other than that, nothing.
BV: Kefkasprite said there were some natives here, and I see a village
BV: I'll let you know what turns up when I check it out

BE: Vinnie! God, I'm glad you are alive
BE: Not overly happy, I just mean that it would be a shame if you were dead
BE: You know
BE: Flamingos you say? Underlings apparently take on the shape of whatever we mixed our Kernelsprite up with. What did you prototype? A garden flamingo or something?
BE: Go to your village! But be careful, because this catgirl here attacked me as soon as she saw me
BE: I wonder what animals you will have. Report back later!
Seems like Ricardo clearly sees himself as your leader.

If you go close to the village, you will see that it consists of stone towers with carved out rooms inside, and windows like holes in the wall. Some tents are also outside these rock-towers, both as market stalls and as houses.

As soon as a villager spots you, he will start babbling and run up to you, attracting more villagers until they surround you and try to push you towards the center of the village. They are certainly not human. They look like little red crocodiles on two legs, wearing hats or belts or vests of various colors and materials. Most of them also wear necklaces with colorful feathers or stones, giving them a rather tribal look.

Either, the villagers succeed with driving you to the main plaza, or you flee and enter the village some other way. KEFKASPRITE might or might not play a part in this.

No matter how you do, you will eventually reach or at least see the main plaza from where you are. There, a rust colored, wrinkled reptile with a feathery hat and far too many necklaces have now gathered other villagers and either talks to you or calls out in hope that you will hear him.
"Non-reptile! You are awaited! Legends have since long foretold of the boy from the skies who holds the right to this LAND and will return one day to free the tribes from our wars and teach us to live in peace again. The villagers speak of your appearance and it matches with the legends. They also speak of your red spirit companion, which also matches with the legends. If you truly are the HEIR, the Redspin tribe is yours to command. I have no doubt in the matter, but for the rest of the tribe to believe in you and become yours to command, you must aid us for a while first, showing us that your power is true."
Yes, he did just say that there is a bunch of QUESTS in this village that you'll have to do it you want these reptiles' help in realizing that ROLE that KEFKASPRITE mentioned, and level up.

==> Play this out. You may reach the plaza in any manner you like, bunnying any reptile beside the MONK on your way. You may also make underlings like IMPS or OGRES or BASILISKS appear, if you think it would serve your story well. And KEFKASPRITE is also yours to bunny.
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