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Happy new year to everyone
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    i am bored i have been trying to get a shiny heracross for 1 day and a half and i am Tired

    Guys i went today to a Mall in Egypt and i found on a Shelf a copy of Pokemon Firered WITH 10 Pounds!!! and i had like 100 pound so i bought it and i started to play it and it is original and nice i tried to get some shines but i failed X.X it is hard lol even tho.. i am happy with my shiny marill in emerald i hope i can trade it from Emerald to Firered but i think you need to do a mission on Emerald or something to be able to do so? any way if thats right then tell me what is that mission well anyway i will continue playing Firered for now so i can complete it i completed Pokemon Gold and Pokemon Emerald and now it is the time for Completing Pokemon Firered oh and by the way my Cousin had 2 copies of Pokemon Black and when i saw it i was like *oh my god!!!* and he wanted to sell it for 110 pounds and i had 90 pounds only i gave him the 90 pound and i am now saving to get more money for it wish me luck on my hunts and on that copy

    Shines i caught
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