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    Originally Posted by MrGriszell View Post
    while what you say is true, you have to look at the other 2 games(remakes) they have released in the pass. As others have stated here many times , they had to be remade because there old cartridges were not able to communicate with the 3rd and 4th gen.Thats no longer the case now.
    And if GF released the remakes they would break the 5 game rule you brought up. To be really honest i think they should hold off on gen 3 remakes until gen 7
    -What about the other 2 remakes they made in the past? FR/LG & HG/SS were remade because of what you said, you cannot trade 3rd generation Pokemon to 4th & 5th generation games. I'm pretty sure that they remade FR/LG so players can use the original 150 in another journey & also for their journey in R/S/E via trade. That was the end of Generation 3, you can have the Gen. 1 & 3 Pokemon including a few Gen. 2 from the Sevii islands in FR/LG. You cannot trade pokemon from Gen. 3 to Gen. 4 unless you had a DS Lite, which is now a out dated model.. thats why GameFreak released HG/SS so players can have Kanto, Johto & Sinnoh pokemon. So now it will only be fair if they released a R/S/E remake so players who collect and play competitive will have their Hoeen pokemon too.

    - If GameFreak remakes them how will they break the 5 game rule. Like I said before, Gamefreak has 3 "main games" & 2 "remake games". They have only been 2 "main games" so we still have 3 more games. I suspect the 3rd "main game" be either Gray, B/W3 or a new project and the remakes will be Sapphire & Ruby because they never make a 3rd game version to remakes (i.e. they did not make a WaterBlue or a SpiritCrystal along with FR/LG & HG/SS respectively). And why would they skip making a R/S remake in Gen. 6? Doesn't make sense... I think in Gen. 6 everything will be fresh & they will be moving forward and maybe in Gen. 7 we will see a multi regional remake of R/B/Y