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    Heres update number #6!

    Started game and loaded from previous save.
    Got ticket and went to ss anne,found daughter blah blah blah...
    Got off ship and battled lt. surge and won with artist(shocking isnt it?)
    Went to saffron and won the gym with legend.
    Went to celadon and won the gym with rage.
    Went to fuschia and destroyed gym with artist and legend.
    Went through rock tunnel to power plant blah blah blah got machine part blah blah blah went and went to the gym again and realized that no one was there so i walked everywhere and found her and then won against her with rage.
    Saved game and closed(duh)

    Oh and can someone tell me how to add pictures?I took pictures of my wins against elite 4 and the hall of fame but i dont know how to post them(i used the snapshot key on vba)