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    Originally Posted by DonkeyMadness View Post
    -What about the other 2 remakes they made in the past? FR/LG & HG/SS were remade because of what you said, you cannot trade 3rd generation Pokemon to 4th & 5th generation games. I'm pretty sure that they remade FR/LG so players can use the original 150 in another journey & also for their journey in R/S/E via trade. That was the end of Generation 3, you can have the Gen. 1 & 3 Pokemon including a few Gen. 2 from the Sevii islands in FR/LG. You cannot trade pokemon from Gen. 3 to Gen. 4 unless you had a DS Lite, which is now a out dated model.. thats why GameFreak released HG/SS so players can have Kanto, Johto & Sinnoh pokemon. So now it will only be fair if they released a R/S/E remake so players who collect and play competitive will have their Hoeen pokemon too.

    - If GameFreak remakes them how will they break the 5 game rule. Like I said before, Gamefreak has 3 "main games" & 2 "remake games". They have only been 2 "main games" so we still have 3 more games. I suspect the 3rd "main game" be either Gray, B/W3 or a new project and the remakes will be Sapphire & Ruby because they never make a 3rd game version to remakes (i.e. they did not make a WaterBlue or a SpiritCrystal along with FR/LG & HG/SS respectively). And why would they skip making a R/S remake in Gen. 6? Doesn't make sense... I think in Gen. 6 everything will be fresh & they will be moving forward and maybe in Gen. 7 we will see a multi regional remake of R/B/Y

    Are you serious?
    1 Black version
    2 White version
    3 Black version 2
    4 White version 2

    If they release RS remakes

    5 Ruby remake
    6 Sapphire remake

    So that would make six games