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    Name: Apsaras the Gilded Thorn

    Nickname: Thorn

    Race: Fairy

    Sex: Female

    Age: She'll never tell!

    Career: Companion to Mirror

    Thorn's face curves sharply from her forehead to her pointed chin, in a curve of sleek yet soft bones. Each delicate feature is perfectly shaped, a little too much for any one being, giving her a mien of alien beauty that would let all know of her origin. Almond eyes of deepest amethyst, with barely any whites to be seen past the ages-old orbs. Thorn's eyes are the most prominent feature of Thorn's face, with a tiny porcelain nose and a pair of petal violet lips.

    The fairy's ivory locks hang in glossy lines across her shoulders, often slightly out of line from the vigorous motions that flying requires. A tiny crimson flower stays pinned just before one of her pointed porcelain ears, each of which peek out from the curtain of hair. Occasionally, Thorn's hair flickers through various colors, such was when she's feeling strong emotions or singing her own tune.

    Thorn's attire is ragged at best, made out of whatever strips of material she's deemed interesting or colorful and bound together with thread. The trails of silk, petals, velvet, and other materials hang off of her willowy frame like a trail through water, with most of them hanging from the bottom of the dress like a bridal train, but allowing her to move other parts to accommodate for the weather, such as with scarves or a hood.

    Image of Thorn.

    Thorn is out for herself; this is the first thing Mirror realized in her first meeting with the fairy. From her manners to her actions, her selfishness was clear, despite the manner in which they became bound. The fairy plucked strands of ginger hair from Mirror's head to make a belt, and stole the lace from her undergarments to make some hair ribbons; she cares not for possession, unless its her own.

    One of her favorite things is to tease others with knowledge they may not possess, whether through riddles she'll never reveal the answer to or blatant lies that would make a thief blush. It's not that she's untrustworthy, because her very nature demands abidance to pacts, but that she enjoys laughing. She knows not to bite the hand that feeds her, her current hand being Mirror, but will gladly tease anyone she can. As such, Mirror doesn't play to her attempts at teasing information about her mother.

    Thorn can, however, be trusted to uphold her end of any bargain to the best of her ability. She possesses a great talent in the form of her ability to make music, with a level of general knowledge that allows her to identify many things in some form or another, even if it's only recognition that she's seen something before. Nuggets of wisdom are not to be expected from this fairy, but a nugget of gold might get a healing spell in return.

    Most of Thorn's history is a mystery, not for lack of remembering, but for lack of inquiry on Mirror's part, lest she fall into the fairy's trap of riddles and confounding rumors. All she knows of Thorn's time before their meeting is that she spent much of it with Mirror's mother, which helped turn her into the rather bitter fairy that she acts like, instead of the ones Mirror expected from the tales she read of in Twili.

    The couple's first meeting came deep within the bowels of the mountain Mirror sought to hide in, after damaging her abilities and crawling through the depths on weak knees. As she came to the edge of a clearing in the rock, with a clear stream to drink from, she found the glass dagger she carried to be glowing softly in its sheathe. After refreshment and slight worry, she decided to follow the path that led to the dagger's glow, getting brighter with each step.

    Mirror's journey came to an end, as she came to the sight of a great sapphire pool, besides which Thorn stood, as she hefted a final rupee into the pond with a great grunt that ended the glass dagger's glowing. Their approach was brief, and explanation short, though Thorn recognized the dagger itself and came with a brief explanation for her presence, not wanting to give too much away, of course.

    It was a Promise Dagger, made between Mirror's mother and Thorn from a time long before, that left Thorn trapped in a cave filled with treasures. When she threw the last of the treasures into the deep lake, the bearer of the Promise Dagger would find the fairy and allow her to be free from the magical prison. It wasn't the last of Thorn's troubles, however, as there was one final promise held in the glass blade. A powerful magical being would need to be slain with it; and there was none better than the one before her, and the daughter of the blasted Twili that locked her in the mountains to begin with.

    With little company to be found in the caves, Mirror agreed to hear Thorn's plea out, and agreed to the fulfill the pact on a series of conditions that would bind them together for far longer than first planned. The being would need to be deemed the correct one by Mirror, and to be done when she saw fit; the target has yet to be fulfilled. Over the next few years, the two became great confidantes, despite Thorn's sore memories of Mirror's mother, and Mirror's mistrust of Thorn's general activities.


    Magical Abilities

    Healing: Ability to heal herself and Mirror; perhaps others, with greater difficulty.
    (Magic consumption: Medium to High.)

    Music: The ability to use her singing voice to empower her allies, whether through increasing morale or using her notes offensively. (Magic consumption: Low to High, depending on number of effects and targets.)

    Pledges: The ability to create magical contracts with other beings, with potentially lethal results if either participant fails to deliver. (Magic consumption: Low, but can only sustain a limited amount at any given time.)

    Notable Items
    Promise Dagger

    Mirror's Golden Rupee