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    Originally Posted by C Payne View Post
    To be fair though, just like GBC's internal battery problems causing you to lose the ability to save, RSE also had an internal battery problem that completely screws over any time-based events(one of the main attractions if you ask me). If something as small a problem as Pokemon availability can be used as a point for remaking older games, then it's only right to bring up the issue with RSE cartridges as well.

    (Gen II and I may have been cut off from Gen III and on but it is as just as much of a hassle to have to trade through 3+ gens to get your old to what the current may be; if somehow it retained backwards compatibility up until 6 and beyond)

    EDIT: slayerz, you beat me to it. XD
    Congratulations friend you just answered all the questions.
    I can't believe this never crossed my mine.
    So forget about lack of pokemon the reason they need remakes is because pretty soon none of the original games will be playable .
    That's reason enough