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    I'm glad this was brought up! I quite liked this MOTY because it had a good balance. I feel some of the categories could've been pruned or replaced a bit..
    Like for me.. I found "favourite male/female" etc pretty hard to vote for because I didn't want to single anyone out. Not saying that it should've been taken out because they are nice for others to vote in, but maybe have more options for stuff like "Most optimistic" etc.. and take out the ones like "most likely to listen to Whitney Houston" because that seems pretty specific.

    Sorry I'm a bit braindead right now (sleepy) so my post is coming out kinda garbled..
    Oh on that note, maybe "biggest TL;DRer" or "person who loves to debate the most" or in the RP section something like "most convincing poster" I dunno.. I'm just throwing some random ones out there.

    What I'm saying is I liked those other sections where I could be like "Oh this reminds me of this person who I've seen knocking around, I'd like to put them here."
    Something that could be fair, you know? Cause I know I tried my best to think of lots of people for MOTY instead and just tried to think of who'd work best in that category.

    Oh god I'm rambling now.. @[email protected] Like I said.. braindead. I will edit this post later maybe.. if it's not making sense (which it probably isn't.)
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