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    Originally Posted by Toujours View Post
    Hi this is related to fashion and I had a question and wanted advice!!

    I just bought a pleated skirt (the black one on this page) and some cable-knit tights (these) to go with them. But I'm not sure what kind of top I can pair it with, or if I should be looking now for something to buy to go with it haha. I was considering looking into either a fully button-down blouse or something turtleneck in white...? Really not sure though.
    Yeah can make sense since you're going white. Something like a pale pink or pale turquoise may also go well. For something white you may consider going with something with accents like this blouse with the black collar or sleeves?

    Just a thought:

    or like the colour of her shorts but in a shirt since white and this bluish look nice and spring-y together!
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