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Originally Posted by Rayquaza. View Post
Almost done with compiling tiles...
How is everything set up? Pokémon trainer-wise and encounter-wise? Like in Pokémon Essentials for XP or like the Pokémon Script project?
It is done in the map's notebox.
Like so:
<region swaps>
1-70: 20, 25
570-30: 20, 26
</region swaps>
this sets the encounters of the map to be 70% chance of Bulbasaur and 30% chance of Zorua in region 0. Using [region: x] will change the region. Once the region is changed any new encounters added bellow that notetag are in that region. For more info see the script Region Swaps.
Trainers are done similarly. In the database create a new enemy and specify it is a trainer. Then type the opening trainer information note. Once done any information is info on the first pokemon. Using notes you can add more Pokemon and create multiple teams. Make sure that the trainer section is then closed.
Originally Posted by p.claydon View Post
thats fine i use photoshop and the new version opens gif images as layers so will use that how would you like the file names
Name them just as they are in the folder with [anim] on the end. One row sheets.

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