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    Atop Mt. Coronet


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    Chapter One:
    Searching for an Unknown Friend

    Part Three

    Seeing as she was now free to run her errand, Amethyst walked over to the wall that begins the peak of the mountain. Above, spirits roamed freely. Punching her knuckles into it, she heard the satisfying klink of those claws digging into the wall. From here, she began to scale the wall. It was then that the spirits within appeared to her once more. The Haxorus wanted to converse. "You're nearing the peak... Thank you for this."

    Amy once more regained a smile, as she continued her climb. "It's nothing, really. So you say someone up here will help me?"

    "Absolutely. She has a very kind heart... If not for some family distress... Though she wants to do her best to help people, as I see in your own heart."

    "Oh..." Amy was temporarily breathless from the comment, though accepted it as a compliment. "Um... Thanks... So, can you find her for me then?" Amy stood high at the peak. She could actually see the spirits fluttering about! Amy, get out of that tree. It's /haunted/!

    "Yes, I'll fetch her for you... And one more time, thank you for setting me free." The way this Haxorus spoke made her curious as to how bad that dead girl really was.

    Amy watched her feet for what seemed like a few minutes. What if she was lying? It didn't seem likely, but--


    The voice behind her caused a startled squeal, and she quickly turned around; it was a Kirlia! "Oh, um... Hi. Are you the one Haxorus was talking about?"

    "Yeah-huh. You seem nice, and I have no reason to disbelieve a friend... Sure, I'll fuse with you!"

    Amy, as if instinctually reacting, reached a hand out to the Kirlia's, and the two fused together in a burst of light that could be seen rather easily at the top of the mountain. "So... Do you have a name?"

    "Mm-hm. You may call me Faith." The Kirlia, visible before her (but now a projection as they are fused), did a sort of pirouette before dissolving into Amy again.

    "Maybe we can fix this world after all." Amy looked down toward the ground, where Lucy was likely waiting for her.

    Faith seemed to frown slightly; Amy could feel it. "Maybe this world isn't broken... Maybe it's the people."

    Amy pondered this. "You may be onto something there... Well, let's get back to the group. I'll get to know you better when I can." With that, Amy leaped right off of the peak, seemingly knowing that she would land safely. Sure enough, nearing the ground, she became surrounded by a semi-visible bubble of glowing psychic energy, and her fall was drastically slowed, and she landed gracefully with a mere tap. The new appearance seemed to change her a bit more.

    Her skin paled slightly, as if clashing between peachy skin and Kirlia's gray-white color. Her right eye, the blue one, remained the same color, but now glowed brightly with a sapphire-like blue. It seemed to glow just as brightly as the red eye; if not more. Her dress was now all white, and she had red bow-like shapes in her hair, seeming to part it in a new way. In fact, while looking still similar to how she did before, she seemed to appear much more different; she was nearly glowing, in fact.

    Fixed Float!


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