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@Lilizuki: I can't say I still think of that no. To me, that word has taken on a meaning of it's own... one with unfortunately sexually explicit implications, which means every time someone uses it I cringe a little. ||D

Regardless, would you like my assistance? I've got a character or two I could throw your way. There's Olivia the pervert romantic, MacKenzie the human-turned-smeargle hipster, and Elizabeth the forever-10 teacher straight out of ancient history. (As if WolfOfEve looks forward to waiting for my sluggishness on yet another character. ;o)

@WolfOfEve: If you really want someone to take notice, maybe you should give them a reason to. Set them on fire. That will work perfectly. Make your post relevant to their character. (See: Character Interaction)

@zid_sen: My fears are that people won't be able to understand an average post and that it will make things unfun for everyone involved, including you.

It's been a long time since we crossed paths over spcae-time~