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The problem with becoming too big and well known is that you become a target. Harry Potter is "all about Satan and evil", even though there are hundreds and thousands of other books that these people would have a problem, that are "worse" than HP, but they don't know about them and never will. Harry Potter is still the most dangerous one. Pokemon is just so well known it's bound to become a target of anyone with an axe to grind. I think it's kind of hilarious and sad that a Japanese game can be accused of Zionism, but there are some people who will use any means at their disposal to attack their enemies. It's also symptomatic of societies that try too hard to control what their people do. They're so worked up and worried about transgressions that they overstep even their harsh rules and start banning innocuous things.

Originally Posted by Frostweaver View Post
Well admittedly there's some video games out there that makes me go ~_~; ratings don't help much cause some parents buy it for their much MUCH underage child anyway. Not talking about 16 yr olds but like 8 year olds getting it on with their Fallout 3. I honestly don't know where to put the age limit on some of these games but... lol.

Some games really shouldn't be played by children of single digit age XD;
That's why I was happy when I was out shopping a few weeks ago and overheard some parent asking about a game and one of the people working there said "That's not really for kids." Good on the employee and parent for having that small conversation.

I do scratch my head a little at the anti-gambling stance. I know that's a part of Islam so it makes sense that would cause some consternation among the old men who pronounce fatwas on things, but Europe, too?
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