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    Originally Posted by sunshinesan View Post
    Well the game is easy enough that thankfully use your favorites, bar things like Delibird. Doesn't discount the fact that Umbreon is pretty bad relatively no matter how you slice it.
    In Colosseum, I kept Umbreon on my team the entire game despite "better" pokemon being available like the Legendary Beasts, the Johto starter, Hariyama, Ampharos, Quagsire, Medicham, Flygon, Heracross, etc, but he was my strongest and most reliable team member.
    I find pokemon with low stats and bad movepools to be hard to use (I wouldn't call any pokemon useless); Pokemon such as Liepard (ditched it before it even evolved), Kriketune and Butterfree. I noticed that a lot of people seem to be calling the more defense-oriented pokemon useless which I find strange as they're the ones that pull me through when my sweepers fail,which happens often enough since they have poor HP and Defenses. I just want to ask: are you sure it's the pokemon and not you?
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