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Of course I remember Stadium 2! Back when the Nintendo 64 (along with an Xbox I never used) was my only video game console, I would play Stadium 2 all the time. I also had Stadium 1, Hey You Pikachu, and Pokemon Snap. I actually still have all of them; I think I'll play them all today, because from what I remember they were all really fun. Except Hey You Pikachu. That game was infuriating; I had no idea what you were supposed to be doing! I think the only thing I could accomplish on Hey You Pikachu was that one mission (is that what they're called?) with the Caterpie and Butterfree. Maybe the one with the Poliwags too...?

Anyway, what I really just loved about the old Pokemon N64 games—and what I still love about them, actually—is the fact it really feels like you're living in the Pokemon world, which is what I longed for as a kid (and I still think it'd be cool, right?). The 3D felt amazing. And, I felt the 3D games were able to recreate the atmosphere of the original anime, which was one of my all-time favorite aspects of the Pokemon series. I didn't even play the mainstream Pokemon games back then; my first mainstream Pokemon game was Platinum.

Apparently everybody on this thread dislikes Pokemon Battle Revolution. I've only played it once or twice, and I don't own it, so I'm going to maintain a neutral opinion towards it, but I think the atmosphere was great—in a different way. Looking back, I didn't even realize how crappy the graphics were until now, but I still think that I appreciate the new modern atmosphere. Typically I treasure the older generations of Pokemon for a feeling of nostalgia and quaintness, while I treasure the newer generations for a feeling of adventure and exploration.

Oh, and the minigames of both Stadiums! I absolutely adored the minigames—I still do. When I was a little kid I didn't understand the mechanics of Pokemon battles, so I normally lost all the Cups. But the minigames were so much fun... I think I'll play them with my brother soon. (They were multiplayer, right? I'm forgetting the details!)
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