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Thanks for your comments Cirrus. I wrote this article back in the format of Hand looping Wind ups and 3 hornet/dragonfly hence the "main decking" of hand traps such as Maxx C and Effect Vieler.
This article is aimed at beginners to understand the basic concepts of why a side deck is used, how it is important and how to effectively use your side deck.
I am trying to avoid articles which are the following:
You build your deck like this
You side deck like this
You will win

Articles that are designed like that to me are:
1) Stale because everyone is doing the same such as Yugi-tubers, Duelingnetwork forum, Duelist groundz etc.
2) Less thinking, more just mindless agreeing or arguing

Side decking in general is all about what deck you are using and I would rather have an article that makes people "think" rather than just straight up telling them the answer. I used Light-sworn as an example since it's a deck which has fallen out of favor and it won't give people all the answers for the current meta-game.

What cards people wish to use to construct their main deck, extra deck and side deck is all down to their personal preference.
I don't wish to tell people what cards they SHOULD be playing.