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    Originally Posted by Squidchan View Post
    Success is a mixture of luck and hard work. You can work hard for your entire life and only just manage to scrape through. You need to fall into the right set of circumstances and know what to do and be prepared to do it.
    Ding ding ding! We have a winner.

    If someone is the most naturally gifted person in... whatever (let's say playing the saxophone), but doesn't have the right background or enough resources or a good support system behind them, they're probably not going to go many places. Conversely, someone who is just born into a saxophonist family might have a hidden 'in' with the right people, but if they're genuinely crap, they won't go that far in that career path. It's a real mixture of hard work and talent/luck/whatever you call it. Different things require different ratios of the two, but both are necessary to succeed in pretty much anything in life, unfortunately.
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