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Originally Posted by scprepschool View Post
it feels too soon
Think about it. The games would be released perhaps September 2013, and then perhaps early 2014 internationally. Is that seriously too soon?

Originally Posted by scprepschool View Post
and we are getting closer to having 1000 pokemon, the games will be redicolous by that point)
The franchise started with a 3-digit number of monsters. 20 years later, it will still be a 3-digit number. Where do you draw the line and why there? why is "closer to 1000" (which isnt even 1000 but like 3 quarters on the way...) bad, and not "closer to 1500"?
1500 would at least be a 10x or something, which we are merely halfway to.

Also note that there are billions of species in the real world and those don't include mythology, personifications, stereotypes, ideas, or heck monsters and humanoids..