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    So…here’s chapter one of my Pokemon fanfic for the video game Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red Rescue Team. I’m using the general adventure log for this fic to proceed but also imagination of my own The events won’t follow exactly but it will be close. The catch to this version (because I know something like this has probably been done before) is that the Pokemon has been turned to a human instead of the other way around. More about this concept will be explained later.

    Rated PG-13

    Disclaimer: I do not own Pokemon. I do own this fanfiction that I hope you will read and enjoy.

    Chapter 1: Flametail and Orchid

    It’s dark. There is nothing around me but darkness. I don’t feel anything around me, and my skin feels somewhat odd. I feel as though I’m sitting…but it isn’t how I would normally sit. Perhaps standing then? But I would know if I was standing. So if I’m not standing and I’m not sitting perhaps I am…laying down? But it isn’t comfortable. This is all so strange.
    There is a voice in the background. Someone I’ve never heard before but he sounds worried. There is a small light that flickers about as he speaks. His words are inaudible but the fact that I can hear him means I’m awake. But where am I awake is the question…or is this some convoluted dream? Am I dead or am I alive? In between these realms maybe?
    Should I try to speak to this mysterious creature? I can’t tell what kind of pokemon he is but I would guess hes trying to help me…
    “Hey! Are you awake??? Hellooooo!” What he’s saying is becoming clearer now…but his voice sounds so strange. Maybe I’m on the other side of the world. If that’s the case, how’d I get here??
    “Hey…you’re awake….can you stand?” the stranger holds out a claw…but his claw isn’t exactly a claw…it looks human like a hand with really sharp nails, or a hand with claws attached. I could only squint my eyes to look at it, but this creature looked so human to me…
    “Can you speak? Try to sit up a bit…” he put his ‘claw-hands’ gently in the middle of my back to support me…but wait…I have a back. WHERE’S THE BULB?!
    “Whoa whoa whoa! What’s wrong? You ok???” I couldn’t help but freak out over this; I had legs, arms, a tiny tail, green HAIR…I’m a human! What is this???
    “Look…if you could try to say something this could help me to help you-“ he paused as I reached out to touch what I presumed was his face. My slender fingers…they could move with such ease and flexibility. Fingers…much more interesting to use then paws.
    “What….are you doing?” as I opened my eyes I could see the creature better. His skin was a bit tan…a tiny bit of an orange hue. His mid-back length hair was the color of fire: oranges, yellows, and reds mixed together. He had a tooth that hung out the side of his mouth which made him look a bit rugged. His face turned an even deeper shade of red as I couldn’t help but reach to the top of his head…he didn’t have ears. Or at least ears that I could see. I reached to my own head to see if I had any: indeed I did. They were pointy too.
    Then I noticed his tail. Humans don’t have tails! Or at least…I don’t think they do. Even if they did I’m SURE the tail wouldn’t be on fire. Why would a human need a tail anyway? They have amazing fingers! Fingers fingers fingers! It’s so fun to just move them around and bend them and-
    “Hey…so can you speak or not?” The creature’s voice was deep…not too deep like an old man but deep enough for someone to know that ‘it’ was actually a he. He was quite handsome on closer inspection.
    I tried moving my mouth to imitate his. It felt odd to make so many different movements with one part of my body. Not quite as magical as fingers but still entertaining none the less.
    “What are you doing now?” He moved back a bit and scrunched what I could tell was his nose, and furrowed his…eyebrows? His eyebrows are very thin.
    “H-hu-h” I tried to make a sound come out of my mouth. It felt even stranger to feel the vibrations on my throat.
    “What was that?” he still looked at me questionably.
    “H…..hi?” as I spoke his eyes lit up. I guess speaking is…good?
    “So you can talk. We’ve made progress! Can you tell me your name?” he pointed to himself.
    “My name is Flametail. Species, charmander. Leader of team…untitled.” He gestured his hand to me.
    “Now you go. What’s your name?”
    My name…I don’t remember much but I think I remember my name. My name….
    “O-orchid. My name is Orchid. Species…” what is my species?
    “Species? What’s your species?” Flametail tapped my forehead in a weird sort of way. It felt like he was tracing an outline with his claws.
    “I think you’re a bulbasaur. These green markings look like a bulbasaur. And they’re too small and blocky to be an Ivysaur’s. So we’ll just say you’re a bulbasaur then. Do you have a team?”
    Team? What did he mean by team?
    “I can tell by the look on your face that you’re confused. I guess that means you’re a loner. Where are you from Orchid?” he paused and crossed his legs together, his orange pants reminiscent of some strange ninja-style garments. His shoes were very thin, probably because his claws were too sharp for anything else. He had an orange vest adorned with a few different color fiery-like beads at the rims. His chest was bare and slightly muscular…he’s cute.
    “Orchid? Do you know where you’re from?” I could feel my face getting hot as I turned my attention back to his face.
    He sighed and fell onto the grass on his back. He blew a small flame out of his mouth and looked at me.
    “So…did you lose your memory…wait that’s a dumb question. If you lost your memory you wouldn’t be able to remember now would you?” he laughed and blew out a few more flames.
    “Well…I guess the best thing to do is just bring you back to town and ask Old man Mustache.”
    “Old man Mustache?” he turned to his side and sat up.
    “Yeah. He’s a Whiscash who lives in the pond north of town square…we’ll ask him if he knows how you lost your memory. Is that all right with you?”
    I didn’t really have any other option so I agreed. Of course he is a stranger and I have no idea who I am but it’s better than sitting in the middle of nowhere with no place to go.
    “Then its settled! Just follow me Orchid!” he sprang up with more energy than I thought he had and grabbed my arm. I stumbled forward to my feet…it wasn’t too hard to stand. Flametail laughed as I wobbled forward at first, eventually falling into his chest. Such an awkward situation but luckily he didn’t noticed my reddening features.
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