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    As I said, that would hurt Hoenn's already deplorable standings. Right now everyone is clamoring about how great Hoenn is/was, but this was not the fact a few years ago. In fact this was what everyone was saying about Johto come Johto's remake. Fans are fickle and change as the time does. Only reason there is "Demand" for remakes is because RS were next set of games in line and nothing else. Some people are jumping in just because of that reason.

    Hoenn has some of the worst sales in the Pokemon Franchise. Event Gens 4 and 5 which were released 4/8 years afterwards are close to what R/S made and both 4th and 5th Gens keep growing as years go by. Hoenn had the unfortunate fate to be released on a horrible system and FR/LG were released to try and curb some of the sales more as well as reinstate the original series into the fray of current games.

    If the 3DS flops for Pokemon Hoenn takes a second huge hit giving it a title of worst Generation. Even as a player, Hoenn was only dynamic in its story. The graphics were nice and the designs for some of the Pokemon were arguable just like today's Pokemon. And yes, there were the same OMG UGLY! THEY RUINING POKEMON! arguements and comments appeared when Hoenn came out. With its poor sales record it really did look like that was somewhat true until Gen 4 came out.

    Best thing for RS remakes is to come after the Gen 6 main titles since Gen 6 will be on the 3DS and can test the waters of the system with a Pokemon Game. Then when it IS time to do the remakes, they know what they need to do and can fix/add more to it to make it better than the originals like they did with FR/LG/HG/SS.

    Originally Posted by Suicune™ View Post
    Jirachi is still unavailable...
    Jiranchi is event distribution only. It will never be available in a main game. Mew, Celebi, Jiranchi, Deoxys, Manaphi, Darkrai, Shaymin, Arceus, Victini, Meloetta, Keldeo, and Genesect are Event Pokemon. They are only distributed through events or unlocked by event items which are distributed through events. None of these Pokemon have ever been in a main title game where they can just be easily caught without attaining an Event version, Event Item, or without hacking the game.