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Hurt & Heal, The PokeCommunity Forums Edition! v3

The revived revived Hurt & Heal version of The PokeCommunity Forums.

Welcome to the Hurt & Heal version of The PokeCommunity Forums! This game is a game in which each user would post a point to the forum they like the most in The PokeCommuniy Forums and deduct a point to the forum the like the least. To begin with, each forum would start with 20 points. Once a forum has reached 0 points, that forum will be eliminated.


ALL Other Trivia and The PokeCommunity Forums rules apply!
Only the main forums are allowed to be used in this game! Not the sub-forums.
Do NOT start bugging another user if they deduct a point from your favorite forum! This is a game and games are meant to be fun!

Winner of Last Version

Now, the winner of the last version of this edition of Hurt & Heal is.....
New Users / Welcome!

Posting Form

In order to give and deduct point from the respective forums, you have to post in a special form. You have to list ALL of the forums, highlight the forum you to add a point to GREEN and the forum that you want to deduct a point from RED ( though, honestly, you can do this in several other ways. Italicize what you are changing. Bold it. Underline it. Just make it stand out to make things easier ), and then list the numbers beside the forums' names as it would be AFTER you added and deducted the points from the respective forums. (Sorry if this is confusing. I'm trying my best to explain to you.)
Community Announcements - 19 (-1)
PokeCommunity Questions & Feedback - 20
New Users / Welcome - 20
Black 2 and White 2 - 20
Black and White - 20
Fourth Generation Games (DS) - 20
Trade Corner - 20
Battle Center - 20
Pokemon Gaming Central - 20
Challenges - 20
Advanced Generation Games (GBA) - 20
Metal and Color Generation Games (GB/GBC) - 20
Spinoff Games - 20
Pokemon General - 20
Pokemon Anime - 20
Pokemon Clubs - 20
Pokemon Trivia - 20
Pokemon Trading Card Game - 20
Art & Design - 20
Fan Fiction and Writing - 20
Roleplay Corner - 20
Emulation - 20
Game Development - 20
General Entertainment - 20
Video Games - 20
Technology and the Internet - 20
Japanese Entertainment - 20
Tabletop Games - 20
Other Chat & Discussion - 20
Other Voting Polls - 20
Other Clubs - 20
Other Trivia 21 (+1)
Use the last poster's post to make your post with all of the forums.:)

Current Score & Points

Here is the current score for all of the forums in The PokeCommunity Forums:

The current lost forums are:
None yet!

Not keeping track of the counting itself because effort. So unless someone else wants to do so it's not happening.

Happy Playing!:D
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