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    Originally Posted by scprepschool View Post
    I know in comparison to our world 649 is nothing. If we got a 100 new species with gen 6 that would be like 750. The pre national dex would have to have atleast 400 ( not even trying to dismiss the ones that wont be available in the game). And we all seen what happened with bw2. Filling up the unova dex was a blast, challenging but fun... then you hit lentimas town and every route after seems to house 6-12 different species or something like that and the challenge just becomes monotonous. Look how they had to butcher victory up into like 20 different species because they ran out of space for them ( theoretically... but also theoretically it could just be showing how diverse and unmapped that side of the mountain was allowing different walks of life to coincide) but still yet. 1000 it would have to be multi regional and at that point... by the second region even school kids pokemon would be lvl.42 - 50... realistically how would a chipper young sprout get his start in that region with a lvl 5 starter leaving home and runs into a lvl 48 beedrill on route one and also realistically what reason would gamefreak give us as to why that region was so powerful ( loop holes from johto/ kanto neighboring) by the time you conquer the second region there would still be wild pokemon to catch to fill up the dex and they would have to be around lvl 84-90 or higher by then. Which is stupid. Great training spots but aesthetically flawed. Just saying only through temperament will gamefreak even get up to 800 species without turning off the core fan base its too much for the pace that pokemon core titles move it. They need to bring that kind change on slow and calculated
    There will always be more Pokemon Eventually they may even split the Pokedex Into 3
    For example

    Regional Pokedex: Contains all the new Pokemon
    National Pokedex: Contains Pokemon from the 4 Closest Regions
    International Pokedex: Contains all the Pokemon worldwide

    lol Just my Opinion though
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