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    -- Update 3 --

    Third and final update! It’s been real, Red, but we must part now. This was an excellent run of the game, and I loved my team in the end!

    - Rarity evolved into Rapidash in the Fighting Dojo
    - Cleared the Fighting Dojo and received Hitmonlee - Lady Legs (Boxed)
    - Accidentally challenged Sabrina without healing
    - Sandman took out Alakazam and Mr. Mime with Body Slam
    - Rarity beat Venomoth with Fire Spin
    - Rarity nearly knocked out Alakazam, but was defeated
    - Finished off Alakazam with Wheeler’s Swift
    - Defeated Sabrina and received the Marsh Badge

    - Flew to Cinnabar Island
    - Used TM35 to teach Sandman Metronome
    - Received Omanyte - Gary (Boxed)
    - Used TM22 to teach Egghead Solarbeam
    - Received the Secret Key and unlocked the CInnabar Gym
    - Challenged Blaine
    - Rarity aced Growlithe with a Critical Stomp
    - Rarity took out Ponyta and Rapidash with a few Stomps
    - Arcanine got a huge Critical Take Down and demolished Rarity
    - Sandman got a Critical Psychic on Arcanine and took him out
    - Defeated Blaine and received the Volcano Badge

    - Used TM38 to teach Rarity Fire Blast
    - Flew to Viridian City
    - Challenged Giovanni
    - Egghead destroyed Rhyhorn, Dugtrio, and Nidoqueen with Solarbeam
    - Nidoking defeated Egghead through Poison
    - Sgt. Sting weakened Nidoking, but was taken down by Thrash
    - Sandman finished off Nidoking with Psychic
    - Sandman put Rhydon to sleep and beat him with Psychic
    - Defeated Giovanni and received the Earth Badge

    - Seventh battle with Xerxes, forgot to heal again
    - Wheeler took out Pidgeot with Thunderbolt
    - Sandman beat Rhyhorn with Psychic
    - Rarity knocked out Exeggcute with Fire Blast
    - Wheeler destroyed Gyarados with Thunderbolt
    - Alakazam knocked out Wheeler with Psychic
    - Sandman paralyzed Alakazam and finished him off with Body Slam
    - Sandman got a Critical Psychic and beat Charizard
    - Defeated Xerxes
    - Entered Victory Road
    - Encountered Moltres
    - Successfully traversed Victory Road
    - Arrived in the Pokemon League
    - Began the Elite Four
    - Challenged Lorelei
    - Sandman took out Dewgong with Psychic
    - Egghead sustained damage, but knocked out Cloyster with Solarbeam
    - Wheeler’s Thunderbolt took care of Slowbro
    - Rarity made quick work of Jynx with Fire Blast
    - Sgt. Sting Poisoned Lapras, but was taken out, along with Wheeler, by a Critical Hit with Blizzard
    - Sandman finished Lapras off with Psychic
    - Defeated Lorelei
    - Healed up Pokemon
    - Challenged Bruno
    - Exeggutor destroyed Onix with Solarbeam and Bruno’s Fighting Types with Psychic
    - Defeated Bruno
    - Healed up Pokemon
    - Challenged Agatha
    - Sgt. Sting killed himself in Confusion
    - Wheeler took Gengar and Golbat out with Thunderbolt
    - Sandman killed himself in Confusion
    - Egghead took out Arbok, Haunter, and Gengar with Psychic
    - Defeated Agatha
    - Healed up Pokemon
    - Challenged Lance
    - Gyarados took out Wheeler with a Critical Hydro Pump
    - Switched to Egghead and healed Wheeler
    - Gyarados took out Egghead with Dragonbreath
    - Wheeler took out Gyarados with Thunderbolt
    - Wheeler weakened Dragonair, but was knocked out again
    - Sandman endured a Hyper Beam and finished Dragonair with Psychic
    - Sandman took out Lance’s other Dragonair with Psychic as well
    - Rarity Burned Aerodactyl and switched out
    - Sgt. Sting was taken out by Aerodactyl’s Take Down
    - Switched to Sandman and revived Wheeler
    - Wheeler took out Aerodactyl with Thunderbolt
    - Dragonite one-shotted Wheeler with Hyper Beam
    - Switched to Egghead and used Toxic to Poison Dragonite
    - Kept Reviving Pokemon as others were defeated until the poison beat Dragonite
    - Defeated Lance
    - Healed up Pokemon
    - Final battle against Xerxes
    - Rarity took out Pidgeot with Fire Blast and Stomp
    - Sgt. Sting was taken out by Alakazam’s Psybeam
    - Egghead weakened Alakazam with Solarbeam and Egg Bomb, but was taken out with Psybeam
    - Sandman took out Alakazam with Body Slam
    - Sandman knocked out Rhydon with a few Psychics and a Body Slam
    - Rarity took out Exeggutor with Fire Blast and Stomp
    - Wheeler beat Gyarados with Thunderbolt and Mega Punch
    - Wheeler weakened Charizard with Thunderbolt, but was defeated by Fire Blast
    - Switched to Sandman and weakened Charizard and healed up Wheeler
    - Sandman used Hypnosis and put Charizard to sleep
    - Charizard woke up
    - Sandman used Metronome, and it turned to Sing, putting Charizard to sleep again
    - Used an Ether on Sandman and defeated Charizard with Psychic
    - Defeated Xerxes
    - Entered Hall of Fame

    ~-~ Team ~-~


    ~-~ Team Synopsis ~-~

    MVP - Egghead

    Solarbeam - Toxic
    Psychic - Egg Bomb

    Egghead was a spur of the moment choice for my team, since I didn’t have a Grass type on my team. However, after evolution, Egghead’s massive Special stat really made him the star player on my team, even being able to sweep Bruno’s entire team without hassle. Solarbeam is a must have for any Exeggutor, so naturally once I got it I didn’t even hesitate to replace Barrage. Solarbeam didn’t see much use outside of Giovanni and Bruno, however. Toxic was only used once, but it made it possible to actually defeat Lance’s Dragonite. Psychic was already on Sandman, but Egghead had the superior Special to use it better, and was Egghead’s main attack in all battles. Egg Bomb was a nifty move, and really served as a basic attack, helping out occasionally, but was not the main feature of Egghead. Egghead really earned his place as MVP, and I would gladly use him again in another play-through.

    LVP - Sgt. Sting

    Poison Sting - Twineedle
    Pin Missile - Rage

    I expected Sgt. Sting to become obsolete, but he really served his use for the first 6 gyms much better than I expected he would. With Bug type’s incredible power in the first generation, he was the wild card that took down Poison, Psychic, and Ghost types with ease. However, his low stats really shined once we got to the Elite Four, and I had counted on him to take out Agatha. However, he didn’t do really anything for the last stretch of the game, and unfortunately got placed as LVP because of it. Poison Sting was never really used, and was simply a relic of his old Weedle days. Twineedle was Sgt. Sting’s best attack, as it was both powerful, hit twice, and could poison. Because of this, Twineedle was Sgt. Sting’s main attack, and was quite useful while Sgt. Sting was helpful. Pin Missile was Sgt. Sting’s other Bug type move, and was used on bulkier Pokemon with more health, since it had the chance to hit 5 times. I had expected Rage to be useful, but being locked on one move with frail defenses did not help Sgt. Sting at all, and was rarely used. Sgt. Sting was extremely useful as an early Pokemon, but just became unusable as the late part of the game progressed. I could see using him again, but not as a permanent member of my team.


    Thunderbolt - Mega Punch
    Thunder Wave - Swift

    Wheeler’s high Speed and Attack made him a good sweeper, along with his usefulness on Water and Flying types, and was definitely a fun choice. He showed his use against Misty for obvious reasons, as well as Xerxes’ Pidgeot and Gyarados. Since I was able to pick him up early, Wheeler became a key member of my team, and is highly recommended. Thunderbolt was Wheeler’s main attack, and I abused it heavily. It made light work of any Pokemon not immune or resistant to it, and the paralysis was nice too. I taught Mega Punch on a whim, since he could learn it, and it was a good choice, able to 2HKO and occasionally OHKO other Pokemon with ease before they could attack. Thunder Wave and Swift just came naturally to Pikachu, and were only ever used as last resort moves. Wheeler made an excellent member of my team, and I would gladly use him again, perhaps later in the challenge.


    Body Slam - Hypnosis
    Psychic - Metronome

    Sandman was my main special attacking force up until I got Egghead, and I expected him to be the MVP while I used him. His Special stat made him ultimately valuable, and his attacks complimented him nicely. Body Slam was surprisingly useful, and it’s Paralysis effect activated quite often. I found myself using Body Slam a lot, sometimes more than Psychic, and was a staple of the team. Hypnosis was only used in tough fights when I needed to heal my Pokemon, but it definitely served its use in the Champion battle. Psychic was Sandman’s main attack, and took down most Pokemon with relative ease. Metronome was an attack that I just added at random, hoping it would help at some point, though the biggest thing it ever did was cause Sandman to use Selfdestruct, which was not as fun as it might sound. Even after catching Egghead, Sandman’s early evolution made him of the utmost use to my team, and helped me fly through the game.


    Fire Blast - Tail Whip
    Stomp - Growl

    Rarity was a late game catch, and I didn’t expect to get too much use from her, but she showed off some impressive skills. She rivaled Wheeler with her Speed and Attack, and while Stomp was weaker than Mega Punch, its Flinch ability activated at good times, making Rarity a good attacker. Fire Blast was a useful move for closing the gap in type coverage I had, and was useful against Lorelei and Xerxes, as well as being used other times. Fire Blast’s Burn status was also quite useful, cutting the opponent’s Attack. Tail Whip and Growl were just attacks that I caught Rarity with, and never got rid of. Stomp was Rarity’s main attack, and was a lot of fun when it worked right, causing the opponent to flinch. Rarity was a good member of the team for coming in so late, and I wish I could have caught her earlier for more use. I will definitely pick up another Ponyta in the future for prolonged use.

    Alright, well Red is now finished! Onwards to Crystal!

    -- End of Update 3 --


    -- Update 1 --

    Started Crystal and picked up the first four members of my team and my first four badges! Gotta keep going though...

    - Started a new game
    - Talked to Professor Elm
    - Received Cyndaquil - St. Helen
    - Arrived in Cherrygrove City
    - Met Mr. Pokemon and Professor Oak
    - Received the Pokedex and Egg
    - First battle against Xerxes
    - Tackle - Tackle - Tackle - Tackle - Tackle - etc.
    - Defeated Xerxes
    - Delivered the Egg to Professor Elm
    - Caught Weedle - Sgt. Sting
    - Caught Dunsparce - Challenger
    - Sgt. Sting evolved into Kakuna just before Violet City
    - Arrived in Violet City
    - Entered Sprout Tower
    - Defeated Sage Li and received HM05 Flash
    - Challenged Falkner
    - Sgt. Sting defeated Pidgey with a barrage of Poison Stings
    - Challenger’s Rage destroyed Pidgeotto
    - Defeated Falkner and received the Zephyr Badge

    - Sgt. Sting evolved into Beedrill after the battle
    - Received Mystery Egg from Elm’s Aide
    - Egg hatched into Togepi - Omelet
    - Returned to Professor Elm and received the Everstone
    - Entered Union Cave
    - Caught Sandshrew - Zero
    - Used TM31 to teach Zero Mud Slap
    - Used TM39 to teach Zero Swift
    - Arrived in Azalea Town
    - Entered the Slowpoke Well
    - Cleared Team Rocket out of Slowpoke Well
    - Deposited Sgt. Sting in the Box
    - St. Helen evolved into Quilava in the Azalea Town Gym
    - Challenger swept through all of Bugsy’s Pokemon using Rage
    - Defeated Bugsy and received the Hive Badge

    - Second battle against Xerxes
    - St. Helen Burned Gastly with Ember before being put to sleep for a few turns
    - St. Helen beat Gastly with Ember
    - Challenger took out Croconaw with Rage
    - Zero knocked out Zubat with Swift
    - Defeated Xerxes
    - Entered Ilex Forest, trapped Farfetch’d, and received HM01 Cut
    - Caught Paras - Shroomer (HM Slave)
    - Used TM02 to teach Challenger Headbutt
    - Arrived in Goldenrod City
    - Challenged Whitney
    - Challenger beat Clefairy with Rage
    - St. Helen weakened Miltank with Ember and Burned her
    - Switched to Zero to absorb Rollout
    - Miltank beat Zero with a Critical Rollout
    - Miltank beat St. Helen with a Critical Rollout
    - Challenger finished off Miltank with Rage
    - Defeated Whitney and received the Plain Badge

    - Entered the National Park
    - Caught Sunkern - Sunny
    - Boxed Sunny because unavailability of the Sun Stone
    - Used TM28 to teach Zero Dig
    - Used TM04 to teach Zero Rollout
    - Received the Bicycle and the Squirtbottle
    - Startled Sudowoodo
    - Arrived in Ecruteak City
    - Talked to Bill in the Pokemon Center
    - Caught Snubbull - Sillypants (Because YOLO)
    - Visited Bill’s house in Goldenrod and received Eevee - Bolt
    - Entered the Burned Tower
    - Third battle against Xerxes
    - Haunter Cursed itself and St. Helen finished him off with Ember
    - Challenger took down Croconaw with Rage
    - St. Helen beat Magnemite with Ember
    - Zero knocked out Zubat with Defense Curl and Rollout
    - Defeated Xerxes
    - Encountered Raikou, Entei, and Suicune
    - Zero evolved into Sandslash inside the Ecruteak Gym
    - Challenged Morty
    - After many defeats, Zero swept Morty’s team with Defense Curl + Rollout
    - Defeated Morty and received the Fog Badge

    - Traveled through Mt. Mortar
    - Arrived in Olivine City
    - Received HM04 Strength

    ~-~ Team ~-~


    -- End of Update 1 --
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