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Hey Drago, weeeelcome to PC! <3

No worries, school can be rough on us all. I'm in college right now so that eats up a good bit of my time too, but I still always find time to come online here! The internet really helps you take a break from the real world and it's a great way to meet people with similar interests. ^^ Like I tell others, don't worry much about your grammar - it's totally fine and understandable, actually. You can practice talking English with others here too and I'm sure that'd be helpful to improve your writing skills.

And all the gens are awesome in my eyes, especially the second and third. Why don't you like the fifth? Personally I thought Black 2 and White 2 were amazing games, especially when it came to the great plot. <3 You can stop by the Trade Corner if you're interested in trading and set up a shop (just make sure to read the rules there since you need 20 or more different Pokemon to create one). Would be wonderful if you helped out some of the traders here to complete their Pokedex.. but of course I'm just making a suggestion and you don't have to. :3 There is quite a lot to do here so it's all up to you on where you'd like to post.

But wow... you're really old. How does it feel to have lived for billions of years?

Anyway, hope you have a great time on PC and do contact me if you want to chat or need help! I'm always open to help you out~

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