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    If they changed the level cap, they would have to change the way effort values worked and are distributed, i mean no harm by saying this but if your one of the people that dont ev train it doesnt mean they dont exsist and arent a staple game mechanic to what is leveling and stats in pokemon.
    But... i also see a way they can even further extrapolate the species count...
    The newer post 800 species regions would have to be newspecies/new region locked. Leaving you to catch only the 100-150 new species pre elite four. Then offer up a hundred or so close region species post elite four and layer with what ever legendaries they feel are trendy or purposeful at the time.
    But.. this would also create an insurance for the fans... multiple remakes for every generation of system compatibility... which seems to be considered the most far fetched thing since planet earth was said to be round and not exsisting in a ferment.. to people on this thread atleast...
    The point im always so vigilantly trying to make is there is no limit to what game freak has in store but one thing is certain... the more generations the more remakes... especially if the best argument is towhy we wont get an rse remake is fulfilled compatibility
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