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Update 6:

Bug Monotype Challenge on Fire Red

This was the most annoying bit of it all so far. In Fuchsia, I probably paid to get into the Safari Zone ofter 50 times to get myself a Scyther and Venomoth to complete my Bug roster. After that, I made my way back to Pallet Town and got a Snorlax to surf me to Cinnabar and stored it right away. The Pokemon Mansion was long, only because of the amount of Pokemon that appeared, but I eventually made it to the Secret Key and used an Escape Rope to get out. Shortly after, I made my way to the gym and, surprise surprise, got every question correct and ended up facing Blaine. Being a fire-type gym leader this was always gonna be a challenge. I lost quite a few times, but then Butterfree stepped up to the occasion. YAY!