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    Originally Posted by mitchel1 View Post
    Dear Pokecommunity members and future rom-hackers,

    How are you all doing? Today, a new year full of great good intentions of many people around the world, and for many around here the wish to finish their hacks or other great things! For me previous year was a blessing, a blessing that my son has been born!

    You might wonder what will happen next, well I'll leave a legend note, to all the great people here around the pokecommunity! I officially will announce my retirement as a rom-hacker!

    Here by I'll apologize that this hack will not be finished! I hope I've left a history piece here with this piece of master work, sweat and headache haha!

    I kindly all ask you to forgive me for this decision and I hope you all understand my situation here!
    Before I say good bye to ya' all, I would appreciate it if this piece of hacking nostalgie will be unharmed and will not get modified or get broken!

    To our mods, please, could you be so kind to not lock this topic? I hope that's okay with you!
    Of course you may lock it when a person bump this after 5 or 6 months!

    Well.. this is it! Maybe in my midlifecrisis I'll pick it up again haha!
    With tears in my eyes I say again good bye and good luck to our current great hackers and the future ones that might will refill my place around here!

    Remember: "A great and legend rom-hacker is placed in everybody's heart, you need to find the chain to unleash it and be creative as possible!"
    That was so inspirational! Sad to see you retire. But congrats on your son! Your speech has so much meaning for me as a rom hacker and it makes me want to work even harder on my rom hack! Good luck with everything!

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