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    Originally Posted by PokeInfuse View Post
    Money is an issue. I don't have a well paying job and only work 6 hours. My parents don't earn much.

    So at least i got SOMETHING and i'm happy with it. It would just pee me off if they force people who enjoy a game franchise to fork out another crap ton of money to play on another console.
    1. They aren't going to release a Remake on the DS/DSi Just to Please people who Don't have a 3DS because they Won't make **** all money that way the DS is Dying wether you like it or not
    2. If its Gen VI Games it will Be On 3DS Because the DS Won't be able to Handle much more with its 4mb RAM
    3. Buy a Cheap 3DS off eBay/Trademe If you want one
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