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    I wish beartic was better suited for competitive play so I could use it on my hail team DX. Well, when i'm not in some serious battle or anything I usually just switch forretress up for beartic...cuz beartic's a polar bear <3

    Well as for my hail team, I basicaly try to overwhelm my opponent.
    1st Step - Have foretress set up stage hazards. This is vital as it can help wear down the opposing team. He doesnt suffer from hail much since it holds leftovers(and is the first to be sent out, thus hail isnt up yet).
    2nd Step - Terminate the opposing counter. Usually the opponent would send out a pokemon that would handle my ice right? If not I skip straight to step 3. If they do however, I send in frosslas to terminate that pokemon with taunt + destiney bond
    3rd Step - Set up hail. From there I send out Abomasnow to summon infinite hail with ts abillity snow warning
    4th Step - The real battle begins. From there, I am set up and I react to the opponent effectively with my oter ice types

    Hopefully all goes well XD