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    Just started my first playthrough of Black 2. I'm juggling too many games now, with an ongoing playthrough of Black (currently in Celestial Tower) and a solo run of White (with a Stoutland - currently outside Dragonspiral Tower), but I got Black 2 a while ago and just couldn't wait any longer - I had to see it.

    The opening was nice - good to see that Professor Juniper evolved her Minccino, and it's nice to have a separate, named rival again. It was sort of odd to start in an actual sort-of-city though. It seems a bit strange to not be in a little three-house-and-a-lab town. But then the first person outside the door was the expected "The power of science is staggering" kid. Nice to see that some things don't change.

    Went out looking for Bianca ("big green hat" made me smile). I guessed that she was on the lookout that's visible in the opening of the game, but wandered around and talked to everyone anyway, since that's what you do in a pokemon game, then went up the stairs. I had planned on saving before the choice, since I'm an obsessive min-maxer and have to start out with the best starter my patience can get me, but Bianca caught me off-guard and next thing I knew, I was looking in the case. I had already decided that I wanted to use Snivy, since I used Tepig in White and Oshawott in Black, so I just went ahead and picked it, figuring that if it was a really bad one, I could always restart and go through it all again and save the next time around. As it turned out though, it was fine. It was a female with 20HP, which means at least not-bad IVs, and she hit hard and didn't take too much damage in return. When she leveled up, I got my first look at her stats, which were all in double digits before the level increase, which again means at least not-bad IVs. Then when the battle was over and I got to look at her page, it turned out that she's Hardy nature. Not the best I might've hoped for, but not harmful. So I kept her and went on my way. Followed Bianca out onto Route 19 and watched her pokemon-catching lesson, then went back into town, loaded up on potions and pokeballs, and went back out and saved at the edge of the grass. I've still got so much to do in White and Black, but at least I got an idea of what Black 2 is like. So far, I'm impressed.