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    Ok I'll show my progress:
    Chose Treeko as starter (Obviously ) defeated May and all that stuff, then caught a Shroomish, headed to Petalburg Woods and caught a Lotad, then headed to Rustboro, trained till lvl 16 for the gym (evolving Treeko to Grovyle and Lotad to Lombre) soloed Roxanne with Grovyle, caugh my 1st HM slave (Zigzagoon) and headed to Dewford, there at the cave I trained to lvl 20 for the gym and defeated Brawly only with Grovyle, thenhanded the letter to Steven, then I headed to Slateport, defeated Team Aqua at the museum, then I headed back to Rustboro to get an EXP Share, then caught an Oddish, trained it ande evolved it, then I realize it was useless so I let it rot in the box, I defeated May after that and got to Mauville, trained to lvl 23 (evolving Shroomish to Breloom) and defeated Watson (Bahahahahaha), Right now I'm in Fallarbor


    Sly the male Grovyle lvl 26 @Miracle Seed
    Fury Cutter
    Quick Attack

    Rioichi the male breloom lvl 25 @Nothing
    Mega Drain
    Mach Punch
    Leech Seed

    Henriette the female lombre lvl 29 @Nothing
    Fake Out
    Nature Power
    Secret Power

    Next Update will have pictures!!!!! (I hope so xD)
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