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    As I approach the village, I can make out large stone towers, with hole-windows carved out. The sandstorm prevents further inspection, however. On the ground are tents...some are market looking and others apparently homes. It is very American-Indian looking. Native Americans? Yeah I think that's the right term. No signs of any villagers yet oh god what is that.

    A bipedal crocodile comes out of nowhere. Not just any, run-of-the-mill bipedal crocodile, but a red one. He wears a very tribal looking necklace, covered in stones, what look like crocodile teeth, and feathers. Also, he is wearing a belt that looks suspiciously like my dad's like a sash across his chest.

    "Greetings, non-reptile!" He says cheerfully. Apparently he talks too.

    "Uh, hey reptile," I respond, "So I guess you are native to this land." He strokes his snout thoughtfully.

    "Yes," he finally says, "I guess we are. Though I'm not sure if anything can be described as a non-native..." he spends several minutes contemplating this. From inside my necklace my computer beeps. It's probably Ricardo. It'll have to wait a bit, I guess.

    "Hmmm...come to think of it..." he starts, "I've never seen you before. Who are you?"

    Wow. Sherlock Holmes on the case.

    "I'm Vinnie Valentine...uhh...the hero of this game!" Man, I feel like such a bad*ss saying that.

    "Or, at least that's what the giant floating birdman told me."

    The croc mulls this over in his head before something clicks.


    I don't have the heart to tell him of his improper use of the word fast. Or the time really, because more crocs start coming out of the homes to see me. They start to "Ooh" and "Ahh" over me, and then one starts to talk about the elder. The others catch on and the all start raving about the elder. Jesus Christ I'm like their messiah or something. I decide to go along with them, seeing no harm in meeting an elder.

    "Hey hey hey, calm down now. Hey! Hands off! No, don't take that....gimme that...hey!"

    I finally get them off me.

    "Let's just go see this elder guy, okay?" Reminding them of the elder seems to snap them back into focus.

    "Oh, okay! Hey, lets show him the elder guys!"

    I roll my eyes as they lead me through town. We pick up more crocs, and it seems the whole village is in the mix. Eventually we get to the center, and a really old looking crocodile looks up at the ruckus. He's got lots of necklaces and even an old hat on. The crocodile I met earlier speaks to him. After a few seconds of whispering, he looks at me again.
    "Non-reptile! You are awaited! Legends have since long foretold of the boy from the skies who holds the right to this LAND and will return one day to free the tribes from our wars and teach us to live in peace again. The villagers speak of your appearance and it matches with the legends. They also speak of your red spirit companion, which also matches with the legends. If you truly are the HEIR, the Redspin tribe is yours to command. I have no doubt in the matter, but for the rest of the tribe to believe in you and become yours to command, you must aid us for a while first, showing us that your power is true."
    Okay this is by far the most helpful thing kefka has done for me. So uh, I am the Heir of the like I inherit this place? Awesome. That's pretty cool I guess. And I'm supposed to be doing quests anyway right? I can level up some more, maybe increase my mangrit again. Wait where did that come from? Whatever.

    "Okay, sounds cool. I'm the Heir alright. And yeah the feathery *sshole is my spirit guide. But, I don't know about any powers...I have my gunblade I guess, but I'm not like going around and casting magic or whatnot."

    I can't hurt to do a few quests, and these might be important later on anyway.

    Mr. Aladdin sir! Have a wish or two or three!