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Pokemon Yellow - Fighting Monotype Challenge

-After getting my Pikachu (Kit) I promptly set off to catch a Mankey outside of Viridian City.
-Caught a Mankey and named her Apple. (:
-Grinded until about level 7 and then entered Viridian Forest. Karate Chopped my way through gaining many levels along the way! :3
-Took on Brock and kicked his behind!! (Low Kick, that is! )
-Traversed Route 3, beat all of the trainers and then worked my way through Mt. Moon.
-Creamed Team Rocket and made it through to Cerulean.
-Beat Gary. No sweat. Pretty sure I used Karate Chop twice and Low Kick twice.
-Beat those Nugget Bridge kids and saved Bill from staying a Pokemon FOREVER.
-Got back the stolen TM and then took on Misty.
-After a couple of attempts, Misty was beaten and Apple evolved!! YAY.
Made it through route 6 and arrived in Vermillion City!

*sigh* This run seems to be more like a Solo Run than a Fighting Pokemon Monotype Challenge!! Apple is getting lonely! T-T

Primeape (Apple) - Lvl. 29

-Fury Swipes
-Focus Energy
-Low Kick
-Karate Chop


Working on HeartGold!