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Originally Posted by xxkaylabby View Post
your artwork is very different. i like how you have different styles.
my favorite one is the last one because of the outline and how the shading is. it looks so realistic.
the first one bothers me because it just is plain with no shading.
i would work more on getting your shading right like how the last one is.
great work (: cant wait to see more.
Thanks, always nice to get some tips.

The first one really was just a quick sketch and colored very abruptly, I did it on livestream, as I waited to start, [A few people were there early].

The last one has much more effort put into it that some of the others.

I try to change up my style a lot, as I find it interesting to experiment whilst drawing, a lot of styles I don't try again, such as the first two pictures, however, some I find myself pleased with and will use them in the future, such as the last example.

I really should get around to uploaded all those pics on my PC.
Frankly it's an issue of being too lazy to go turn it on and shift through all the terrible stuff I have on it.
My new year's resolution shall be: to upload the drawings I have on my PC, before next december.

I'm confident that it will get done.
OK I'm not that confident.
I need a maid.
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